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Rolling into Rio Rancho's Rolling Hills Neighborhood

My out-of-state buyers fell in love with all the space, the big backyard, and the location! Let's get into it.

What We’ll Cover

The property:

This darling 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home is located in the Rolling Hills neighborhood of Rio Rancho, NM. With 1,830 square feet, including an expansive addition to the back of the home, this was the ideal property AND location for my sweet out-of-state buyers. The backyard needs some love but offers a lot of potential with a great deal of space and some landscaping done prior to sale.

The home itself was in need of some TLC, but its unique layout and functionality were ideal for my buyer & her family. We had looked at quite a few homes via Facetime before we found this one, even submitting offers for 3 of them! Despite losing out on all 3 of those other offers they weren't willing to give up so we continued our search and stumbled upon this hidden gem just in time to submit a very competitive offer!

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Winning the offer:

My buyer knew what she wanted and wasn't willing to settle due to a hot seller's market. We worked together to determine the strongest ways to write up her offer so she could stand out from the other buyers, AND get what she wanted with terms she was comfortable with. She and her husband were flexible with many features, their main Must-Have was to find a home somewhere in Rio Rancho, where they felt they would best fit in.

I sent them crime statistics websites, school district information, and any other information that would help them to make a more educated decision, and allowed them to determine what areas worked best for their needs. The buyer's mom lives here in Albuquerque, so she was able to attend a few showings and give them some guidance when choosing their ideal area, too!

With this property, we were able to negotiate a good deal, with everything from lowering the seller's time off market fee request, to getting several grand in concessions for repairs - both parties felt the transaction was a win-win scenario, even after some turmoil and bumps in the road.

Learn about my clients; the buyer:

This buyer found me on Instagram, and we made fast friends! In a group chat between me, her, and her husband, we were always having fun and making the often overwhelming process of buying a home more enjoyable. I pride myself on giving my clients full-service real estate in an attempt to reduce their stress- whether buying or selling.

This buyer is a hard-working mom of 2 young kids with a husband who aims to help her be her best. They worked well together to create a bigger picture of what they wanted, making my job easier and allowing me to focus more on the back-and-forth while they got to dream up all the improvements and upgrades they would make to their new New Mexico home.

Her mom was a vital part of our success, and a generous cheerleader of my work with her daughter's transaction. Offering kind words, helpful insight, and even a hand to hold the camera phone during showings so I could get down on my hands and knees for a more thorough walkthrough.

Is it the right time for you to buy? Make an appointment with me!:

The market is always changing, which is why I never tell clients they should buy based on the market! No matter the current state of the market, you should only ever buy or sell if you are READY to do so! It's an emotional, mental, and even physically overwhelming process to shop for and buy a home, and/or to list and sell a home, so being fully ready and having a Realtor who is willing to take care of all the details for you, makes a B I G difference!

While this buyer felt the timing was right before we spoke, you might need to ask a few questions and get more information before you feel prepared to take the next step! I'd love to chat with you, and anyone else you know that's looking to sell (or buy) Real Estate. Simply click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your inquiries with me!

I serve the Albuquerque area, but I can help you buy, sell & invest most ANYWHERE in the world- so just reach out & let's work together to determine if this is the right time for you and if I'm the Realtor for the job!


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