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Discovering A Mountain Dream Home From Out Of State

My out-of-state buyers were new to New Mexico, and referred to me by a fellow Realtor®️. Their journey to purchase was reliant on their ability to sell their existing home in another state. Let's get into it

What We’ll Cover

The property:

This 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom gem nestled in the heart of Edgewood is poised to steal your heart. With its unique layout, expansive 2.5 acre plot, and over 1700 square feet, this property has everything my buyer needed!

Moving to New Mexico to be closer to friends & family, my buyers wanted something in good, turnkey condition with plenty of land and views they could sip coffee to every morning. The oversize storage garage and fully gated 2.5 acre property featuring a newly renovated manufactured property was a great fit, and gave them easy access to the main I-40 highway which could provide quick travel into Albuquerque Metro. The backyard, though needing a bit of love, boasts tremendous potential with a generous expanse waiting for my buyers to bring their landscaping dreams to life!

We had toured a few homes and reviewed many more online before this one caught the eye of my buyer and her husband.

Winning the offer:

 In the vast landscape of real estate options, this property stood out as a hidden gem. Tucked away in Edgewood, it captured the hearts of our buyers just in time for a competitive offer. The unique charm of the home, coupled with its potential for transformation, made it an irresistible choice. We came in with a strong above-asking offer, negotiated back and forth with the seller and were able to create a deal that made both sides feel good.

My buyer utilized a VA loan thanks to her husband's service to our country, which afforded them a 0% down payment and the seller completed some repairs after the inspection & appraisal revealed a few needs. The seller, a local contractor & real estate investor, and his Realtor®️ / wife worked hard to get the best price for this property, and my buyers were thrilled to have a great interest rate and many of the necessary repairs completed prior to moving in.

Learn about my clients:

 I received an Instagram message asking me if I would be willing to help a buyer moving to NM from out of state, who would also be selling their home in order to afford a new one. I was THRILLED! Agent-to-agent referrals make up about 36% of my business, so anytime I'm able to provide my "best friend service" on behalf of another agent/broker I am honored to do so! This particular agent was very hands-on and checked in often to ensure both ends (her helping the client to sell, and me helping the client to buy) were going smoothly.

The buyer & her husband are both older and were looking for a spacious property with ample room for their grandkids to visit AND have a crafting space to fill their free time. Her husband, a Military Veteran, was excited to be in the mountains away from the hustle of Albuquerque Metro, and to have 2.5 acres to do with whatever he pleases.

Both were nervous about the buying process, especially since much of the process was handled virtually, as they weren't able to travel into town often prior to moving in. But at the end of the deal they had nothing but the kindest things to say, and wrote a thoughtful 5⭐️ review on my google profile as their thanks for such a good transaction experience.

Is it the right time for you to buy? Make an appointment with me!:

The market is always changing, which is why I never tell clients they should buy based on the market! No matter the current state of the market, you should only ever buy or sell if you are READY to do so! It's an emotional, mental, and even physically overwhelming process to shop for and buy a home, and/or to list and sell a home, so being fully ready and having a Realtor who is willing to take care of all the details for you, makes a B I G difference!

While this buyer felt the timing was right before we spoke, you might need to ask a few questions and get more information before you feel prepared to take the next step! I'd love to chat with you, and anyone else you know that's looking to sell (or buy) Real Estate. Simply click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your inquiries with me!

I serve the Albuquerque area, but I can help you buy, sell & invest most ANYWHERE in the world- so just reach out & let's work together to determine if this is the right time for you and if I'm the Realtor for the job!


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